The Thugasaurs are a race of undead dinosaurs that live in the X-Zone on the outskirts of Jurassic City (a frequent target of the Thugosaurs) and are recurring antagonists in the program. The Thugasaurs are a parody of the hooded, mutant survivors living in the Forbidden Zone from the movies "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" and prequel "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" and their targeting of Ape City. Thugo (voiced by Brad Garret) is the diabolical leader of a group of black-hooded skeleton-like Thugasaurs. His vanity insists he always look good, so Thugo often spends more time trying to improve his appearance than accomplishing his evil plans - plans that would mean the end of the Living Dinosaurs once carried out. The Thugasaurs sometimes had some conspiracies that appeared effective against the dinosaurs, such as kidnapping the president's daughter (voiced by Elizabeth Daily). Thugo then makes a threatening phone call to the president with his demands, only to foolishly realized he dialed the wrong number. Thugo also likes watching drama TV shows. Biff is Thugo's wimpy, flower-loving, second-in-command. He's really too dainty to be part of a villainous organization like The Thugasaurs. The notable appearances that differentiate the army from Biff & Thugo are Biff has a long snout with bucky teeth & also wears a pair of goggles while Thugo has an alternate skull-shape with sharp teeth-like bones & a rounder face. All other Thugosaurs resemble both of the villains. &nbsp