Spangalese Term  English Term
Blue Chef Farn Wahr  May I please have my leg back?
Mocha Tar ah  The Gill man jiggled the wire
En Sur vias plutoniut var  Don't put that in your mouth, the spiders haven't hatched yet
Bull eash nah  How many ducks will you trade for my magic kidney stones?
Maloya coy hoba huba  My tapeworm washed the car
Mayna jing mala loo  My hands are soaking in dishwashing liquid?
Wiggilo wagel hoggle  Where can I scrub my eyeballs
Geh nae?  Do you know the serial number on the bumper of that 1958 Thunderbird?
Rangleugar mho shwarma  Your Christmas elf is on fire
Vokue mon Chuepo I have buried my hat
 Lidbush don uenen deksez  The Library is full of tar
 Lunue d'ent  Your axe is swift Stewardess
 Halley Mak ranfuer  Your infant has swallowed my grenade
 Darvan melod dislar  Your hamsters do that funky dance
 Saddam pez Kamel The librarians head has popped off
 Lipsanae bully booly  The Lemming is driving recklessly
 Parut d'psuhe  My hair-do is on Fire
 Bacq el lab  There are tiremarks on your forehead

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