Eek is an anthropomorphic cat and the main protagonist of the Eek! The Cat animated series and segments. His love interest is Annabelle.


Eek is a purple, chubby cat. His ears are not pointed; rather, they are curved. The fur on his belly is a lighter shade of purple. His nose is dark red. His whiskers are strangely not straight; rather, they are wavy.


Eek always puts others' safety, needs, and comfort before his own. Eek can talk with all animals and most humans, but oddly enough cannot converse with his owners—Mom, Wendy Elizabeth and J.B. He commonly exclaims "Kumbaya!" His motto is that "It never hurts to help!", although, with Eek this is frequently not the case. The major running gag within the show is that Eek's selfless nature usually gets him caught up in painful situations such as getting caught in mail and baggage sorters (both of which appear designed to intentionally damage their contents) and screaming "Oh Gosh It Hurts!" while the show's guitar riff theme played. Despite Eek's misfortunes, episodes would usually end with Eek rewarded in some way for facing the adversity squarely and being selfless towards others.

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