Babs is the first female human and introduced later in the series. Bill & Scooter were the only known humans and were both male. The dinosaur scientists, however, later took recovered genetic material from Bill & Scooter, spliced it together, then doubled the X-chromosome to create a female. The Thunderlizards' goal was to use Babs to seduce the two men and bring them back to the dinosaurs and their doom, but she simply abandoned her original mission and lives in the jungle. Unlike the comparable Smurfette, Babs is arrogant and manipulative and was repulsed by Scooter. She preferred the company of Bill, and like Scooter thought up inventions that actually would be useful, but was making Bill do all the manual labor and stating she intended to create "womankind". Bill eventually gets so angered at all the work Babs was making him do that he was relieved to return to Scooter, who despite everything did not act arrogant to Bill and did all his own work on his inventions. Babs would make future appearances when she had other ideas as how to use Bill and Scooter.